Welcome to my shop! I’m Sara Egli, a Swiss-based Scottish artist with a passion for all things Greco-Roman, and a dream of reimagining the ancient world for the modern home. My background is as varied as the prints you'll find here, with a foundation in graphite and charcoal, and a professional career in graphic design and digital illustration – perhaps that's why I've always enjoyed navigating diverse art styles!

love being part of a vibrant community of artists and writers who breathe new life into ancient history and mythology, each creating and celebrating that connection between past and present. 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find a piece of the ancient world to suit your space! 


My original artworks encompass a mix of different vibes, from minimalist Greek heroes to mythology-inspired travel posters. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting, learning and wandering wherever the heart leads.


From the emotion and physicality of sculpture, to the intricate brushstrokes of ancient frescoes, my photography captures the intimate details that underline history’s humanity. Rediscover the fallen heroes, fractured gods and timeless stories of our distant past; reconnect with antiquity.


Another hobby of mine is art restoration. This is a slow but rewarding process of digitally repairing my treasure trove of antique and vintage artworks, bringing them to their former glory and enhancing them for high-definition print.

digital restoration: before / after

On demand

I print per order. This saves space, reduces waste, and ensures everything arrives looking crisp and clean.

Locally made

Printing and framing local to you helps keep prices, delivery time and emissions low!

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I'm always here and happy to help. Don’t hesitate to email me with any question, curiosity or concern.