Size Guide

The below image displays all available print sizes. Feel free to contact us if you require a specific size from this list.

Aspect ratios vary. Please see the second section for a visual overview of required artwork adjustments.

aspect ratio adjustments

ISO vs 3:4

Sizes in 3:4 aspect ratio are shorter than ISO (A-size); artwork will be cropped at the top/bottom.

ISO vs 4:5

Sizes in 4:5 aspect ratio are our shortest; artwork will be cropped at the top/bottom.


We make a judgement call on the suitability of thick or thin border space for each artwork style. So, why do we add them?

  • Aesthetic: Borders create a clean, sleek look that suits the vast majority of modern home interiors.  
  • Focus: They act as a visual aid to draw the eye, putting a spotlight on your wonderful wall art. 
  • Accentuation: They heighten contrast, making blacks appear deeper and colours more vivid. 

While dark prints look great with thick borders that underscore drama, softer prints benefit from thin borders that keep things light and airy. 

If you have a specific border preference, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will gladly make any adjustments free of charge.